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Ignite your experience with a variety of strain-specific
cartridges and concentrates.


Live Resin Enriched Diamond Sauce Cartridges

Our Diamond Sauce cartridges are made using only three ingredients - pure terpene sauce, diamonds and high quality cannabis oil.

Our proprietary formulation creates a unique blend that enhances the aroma and flavor of the diamond sauce, while simultaneously boosting the THC percentage to provide you with a unique vaping experience


1 Gram Cartridges

We offer the most premium cannabis oil cartridges that can be found on the market today and they only contain two ingredients: cannabis oil and ultra-high grade terpenes.

Our cartridges are 100% free of any cutting agents, flavors or other additives.


Cryogenically Extracted Concentrates

Our line-up of single gram concentrates are extracted under extreme cryogenic temperatures and further refined using proprietary processes, in order to ensure that they are full of flavor, aroma and provide users with an experience that enlightens the unique profile of each specific strain.